Saturday, 30 March 2013

Getting Organised {postcircle}

Have you signed up for #postcircle yet?  I must say, so far I am loving creating stationery and writing the letters. I had forgotten how good it is to actually write a letter!  

The suspense of having to wait to know the answer to your question, waiting for the postman each day hoping there's a handwritten envelope in his hand just for you!  It's great!

When I first signed up, I started the search for a nice writing set... not wanting to spend a fortune in-case I didn't really get into it.  How difficult is it to find nice writing paper?!  

So far all I've found is a writing set in WH Smith but it was quite expensive.  I don't have a Paperchase near me (was once my fav shop) and I know they will have some lovely things.  I decided to make my own!  It's been a bit of trial and error, putting the double sided tape on the wrong side of the envelope, cutting things too short... printing things too small but I'm getting there and my last batch was quite nice and instead of cutting the writing paper I tore it so it has a rustic edge.  I've got lots more ideas and I'm even contemplating making some sets up to sell on if anyone is interested as there is a serious lack of good paper / designs out there.

My stationery
My stationery

We made a trip to Ikea tonight.  We had originally went to buy a new cabinet to house our printer (as little fingers are pulling the front open and close, open and close, open and close... so it will get broken!) but when we saw it in the showroom it looked a bit cheap (it was £60 too!) so we didn't bother buying it.  Whilst we were there we bought some new replacement canvas boxes (that we use for all of baby's toys and books, they slot perfectly into our TV cabinet, so when baby goes to bed we chuck everything back into it's box and close them over... toy free!).... so that inspired me to use some of the old boxes (the ones that are decent) and have a bit of a de-clutter and to sort all my craft things out... I didn't realise I had so much, it was all hiding in the garage (and I think there might be more in there)...


I've now got all I need for #postcircle in the one place.. I've got a box of coloured paper and card, a tub full of cards and envelopes, ribbons, embellishments  stickers, card toppers, buttons and other bits and bobs and another case full of pens, paints, fancy edging scissors, inks etc... so much good stuff that I can't wait to write more letters... although I'll wait now until I get some more.

I had been having a little 'poor me I've not had a #postcircle letter yet' moan on Twitter (I was just so desperate to get it all going) and the lovely @squeakypigshop sent me some happy mail.  It was so thoughtful, such a lovely long letter AND a chocolate bunny.  

I wrote my reply today... oops it might be a tad long (sorry!).  I also got my first #postcircle letter and it was so exciting... it was all so thoughtful the envelope was apples, I was giddy before I opened it!  Inside there was a beautiful letter and a gift of 3 fabric fish and some to do list paper, so pretty!

My first #postcircle mail
My first #postcircle mail

I hope you've got some exciting plans for the Easter weekend?  I'm working tomorrow but off on Sunday and Monday... and it's my BIG girl's birthday on Monday, exciting times!!

Have a lovely Easter!
A x

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