Thursday, 2 January 2014

14 goals in Twenty 14

Happy New Year!
14 goals for 2014... I'm rubbish at NY resolutions, rubbish! So this year, I'll try goals...

1. Eat healthier
{this I need to do}

2. Lose weight
{hoping this goes hand in hand with number 1}

3. Don't stress
{so much}

4. Plan
{I often stress when I have lots to do but can't seem to get my head around it all}

5. Pamper
{make time for me, at the very least once a week.. hoping to squeeze in a spa day!}

6. Try more
{new crafts, new recipes... I'm stuck in a rut and repeating crafts and recipes}

7. Get out more
{a walk, a pub, the cinema... just GO OUT!}

8. Read
{I'm averaging on 4 books a year... that's total rubbish as I love to read}

9. Say No more
{I often agree to things I don't want to do / have no time for.. I'm a sucker}

10. Buy less
{I have too much stuff.. I need to de-clutter}

11. De-clutter
{the house, my clothes, my life}

12. Piano
{play more, learn more.. our piano sits there unplayed!}

13. Charity
{plan a charity event, fundraiser}

14. Relax more
{chill out, smile, breathe in the fresh air, watch a movie}

There you have it. The healthy eating begins tomorrow, I'm actually looking forward to making a start and feeling quite motivated! Long may it continue.

A x


Laurenne @ This Mummy said...

Great resolutions and so similar to the ones I blogged for myself, here's to a slimmer, less stressed and more organised 2014 :)

Oh wait... you can't stop posting all that yummy food on instagram and go all diet-y on me, what will I drool over ;)

L x

AnneeApple said...

hehe!! Laurenne... I'm hoping the food will be just as yummy but maybe less on the plate? x