Monday, 30 December 2013

{that was} Christmas

Christmas... I do love Christmas but I often get annoyed at it all. Yes it's a time for family, a time for giving but oh in this world that we live Christmas now means {to some} a time to drink as much as you can in such little time, a time to boast how many gifts they've gotten or lavished on their children... I feel quite saddened by it all and that is why next year I want to set new traditions.

This year has been a whirlwind. When you work full-time and also run a small business {with busy Christmas orders} and you have to buy all the family gifts and do all the food shopping {with a toddler in tow}, let's not mention the cleaning etc.. it really is tough going. I worked right up until Christmas Eve, I don't need to tell you how Christmas morning panned out with three kids {albeit two bigger ones, who were just as excited!}... Christmas afternoon we had a house full of 10.. and that's before the prep of the huge Christmas dinner for 5 {we love Christmas dinner and have all the trimmings!). By the time Christmas night arrived, I was flaked out sleeping on the sofa! {I'll just add that everyone else got a nap after dinner, except the one, ME, who'd slaved over dinner with no help at all} I've not watched any festive TV, not enjoyed a little Christmas tipple and not even touched my Christmas chocolates.. I've been far far too tired once all the daily routine stuff has been done {and I'm now back at work}.

I think the run up to Christmas was far too hectic {for one person, you reading this Mr?}, and when I did get a few days off, yes they were busy, so when night time came I just wanted to sleep... It's made it all seem quite rushed and my head spins remembering it all. That's not how I want to enjoy or remember Christmas!

Do you have Christmas traditions? I'd love to hear how you incorporate a busy family into getting some chill out time too? Do you compromise on what you'd really like to do at Christmas to make others happy?



Laurenne @ This Mummy said...

It is hectic isn't it. This year was particularly crazy with my dad being in hospital dominating December then his funeral only being days before xmas day. I feel a bit robbed of Christmas this year! Next year I want to plan lots of fun activities for throughout the weekends in December to make sure we enjoy the build up because it's the best part!

Completely agree re: the drink-fest and gift showing off. Next year we want to have a completely homemade thrifty Christmas to prove it's not about what you spend.

L x

AnneeApple said...

You have indeed had a tough festive period, It always seems tougher at Christmas, any heartache as in your mind you instinctively think you should be happy and having fun. I lost my Gran on 23rd Dec (some time ago now) but I understand someway to how you feel. But, next year... we'll be the best planned and organised girls there is! We can do it! x