Monday, 1 October 2012

Green & Black's NEW Flavours!

It won't come as a surprise to you that I love chocolate!  After many years of having a milk allergy (that disappeared as quickly as it came), I am again enjoying all the chocolate I missed out on.  When I suffered from my milk allergy I could tolerate Green & Black's Dark Chocolate Organic Mint and it was my saviour! So when I heard that Green & Black's where about to launch some new flavours, I couldn't wait to try them!!

I love trying new flavours and will happily give anything a go but I really wasn't sure about the Milk Chocolate and Sea Salt combination.  At first bite the chocolate is lush and creamy, it's the after taste that the sea salt flavour hits and it is wonderful!!  I really enjoyed this, smooth chocolate with taste of sea salt, who thinks of these combinations... brilliant!  I could happily eat a few squares of this bar at the one sitting!

Now the Spiced Chilli... I do love dark chocolate and I have tried and enjoyed the Maya Gold bar (which has nutmeg, cinnamon and orange flavours) but I've not tried any chocolate with chilli.  The chocolate in this bar was very rich indeed and the spices where smooth and not overpowering but you could definitely taste the flavours.  I think I'd enjoy this bar if I ate a little at a time, it would be the perfect bar to have at home when I am healthy eating as I'd only nibble one square and I'd be satisfied with my chocolate hit!

Have you heard of the recipe of adding chocolate to chilli con carne?  It's a great addition and I think the Spiced Chilli chocolate would be a luxury addition - great for a dinner party!

If you've not tried these bars yet and you love chocolate then go for it!  Also check out the Green & Black's website, it has a new look and some great images there (I'm a sucker for good photography too!).  Let me know what you think when you try them!

Annee Apple was sent these two delicious chocolate bars to review.

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