Sunday, 7 October 2012

Wish List

Always wanted to create a wish list.. so here it is:
I love this pendant, the heart shape is quirky and I love Chris's style of fonts and the way he put them together.
I'd say this was a matching ring, to the pendant.  I really want a new ring.
I love Swarovski!  I have one pair of earings from there, which were a gift.  A new store recently opened at Glasgow Fort and I love browsing there, the store is lush!!
I want not one but two Cath Kidston bags... although one is a laptop bag - I do have to measure my laptop to see if it will fit first though... so you're (yes you) are thinking of buying this item then wait until I've said the laptop will fit! ... I got a new laptop bag, not as lush as the Cath Kidson one but more practical and black (boring)!

Oh well...I've got as much chance as nae chance of getting any of these, but hey a girl can dream right?

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