Sunday, 30 March 2014

Frozen {Queen Elsa}

Has it really been 20 days since I last blogged? Life has been pretty hectic and I've been caught in a flurry of unorganised chaos! No meal planning, routine blowing in the wind.. just not like me. But... all that changes this week {fingers crossed}.

I start with a new working rota tomorrow, full time hours but all more streamlined and a promotion! I'm ready for my new challenge.

This weekend I promised my little Princess that I'd make her a Queen Elsa costume. I'd never made a costume before {apart from a no sew tutu} but I thought I was up for the challenge. I had planned it out... Elsa as the Ice-Queen is quite a sexy character, so I had to adapt her dress to suit a 2 year old who loves to dance around all day long!

Queen Elsa - the costume plan

As I'd not made a costume before I thought I had better ease myself in and I attached the skirt to a plain white vest. I then jazzed up the vest with some ribbon, tulle and a snowflake charm. The hardest part {for me} was working out which way round the vest went as I was sewing the skirt to it, as it was outside in, upside down and had gazillions of pins in it! It was very confusing, but thankfully it worked out! I then added an underarm cape which was white tulle with sparkly jewels...

I have one very happy Queen Elsa... she won't take it off!

What have you been up to this weekend?

A x

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Older Mum said...

That dress looks amazing. Thank you for your comment on my blog - nice to have found you. Ps. Every child I know has gone frozen bonkers at the moment :o).