Thursday, 17 October 2013

{The Autumn Tag}

Thank you to Glasgow Mummy for tagging me in 'The Autumn Tag' meme.. I do like a meme and Autumn!

Favourite thing about Autumn...
The colours, deep golden hues... crisp leaves, the fresh air and cosy nights! Autumn is my favourite season, not too warm and cold enough to get cosy with my Ugg boots and scarves!

I'll be drinking...
Tea! I am enjoying mugs of peppermint tea and green tea right now but I am looking forward to a Starbucks Gingerbread Soya Latte as time draws nearer to Christmas!

Favourite scent..
Fresh bread and baking. You'll know I do love to bake and for the last few weeks I've been baking my own bread. I love the smell.

Best Lipstick...
I'm actually on the hunt for a new lippy. I have a make-up consultation at Clinique tomorrow so hopefully I'll find my best lipstick there?

Go to moisturiser...
I love taking care of my skin. I use Clinique 3-step and also their laserwear repair serum. I LOVE IT! I also use Estee Lauder advance night repair eye cream. I'm old but hope I don't look my age.

Eye colour...
I love smoky eyes, no favourite yet maybe pick that up too at Clinque tomorrow?

Favourite singer / band...
Apart from the Beatles I really enjoy Findlay Napier, if you can check them out then do so. I was first introduced to them many years ago at Celtic Connections and have been to so many gigs. Great talent... and Findlay and his wife have just had a baby - yay!

Outfit of choice...
My wardrobe is terrible. I really need a whole overhaul and restyle. I have no idea what suits me so all my clothes are a riot! So my outfit of choice will have to be my PJs (even they are hideous)

The place to be...
I love walking in the countryside... just being out in the open soaking up the world.

I'm going to tag the following bloggers:

The Mrs Makes
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I look forward to reading your Autumn Tags, if you link up :)


Anonymous said...

Great post and thanks for tagging me!

I will post my answers on my blog tomorrow as I have an Autumn themed blog ready to go which I can add to :-)

Lyndsay FizzyPeaches said...

aah, just found your blog after being Instagram friends for ages! :) It's great, really enjoyed reading your Autumn Tag answers and getting to know you a little more. I did this tag to here:

Look forward to reading more of your blog!