Tuesday, 29 October 2013

{Cafe Ceramico}

We had such a fun day yesterday. An impromptu day off together (once we'd jumped on the bed to waken the Mr from his night-shift sleep... he didn't mind!)

We arrived at Cafe Ceramico around 12pm. We hadn't been before but I had read a review from Glasgow Mummy and it looked like heaps of fun! I had emailed Cafe Ceramico in advance to ask if the activities would be suitable for my littlest as she's just turned two. One prompt reply later Simon assured me that it was all about having fun and that it was!

When we arrived we were greeted by friendly staff who talked us through what to do. We chose a ceramic to paint... this took some time as there was so much to choose from. We chose a dragonfly as it was just the right size for the littlest to hold. We sat at a big table where a family was already painting their ceramics, everyone was having a great time. We put on an apron and got to work painting away.

Little one has such fun, choosing colour, painting dots, then painting over them all and starting again... 'more paint Mummy'. Once we had finished a member of staff took the dragonfly away to let it dry and to coat it with some shine and glitter. We headed down to the cafe area and ordered some lunch. We had toasties and coffee and littlest had a toddler lunch which was a ham sandwich, juice, crisps, chocolate fingers. It was great value for money.

There is also a small soft play area. This was a perfect size for a two year old! We're not regular visitors to any soft play so littlest took a few attempts to climb up the platform, but once I showed her how to hook her foot she was off and had great fun! By this time there was only another 2 or 3 kids there so it was nice and quiet.

Here's the finished piece...

We'll definitely be visiting again, it was a great activity for a rainy day!

You can visit Cafe Ceramico website here and Like them on Facebook here

A x

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