Thursday, 3 January 2013


Happy New Year to you!

Doesn't time fly?!  I was struck with the dreaded cold lurgy over the festives so I've been quite a misery, I am on the mend now with the hugest cold sore ever known as my badge of honour!  It's vile!

My plans of eating too much and drinking a little too much didn't really happy, I still can't taste anything properly so I'm not wasting good wine just yet!  I have been knitting, a pink crossover cardigan for baby, for her ballet class.  I've just got half a sleeve and the border and ties left to do... it could be finished very soon, like tonight if I start as soon as little one is in bed!  I'm not sure if it will fit her though, it may be too big... but better too big than too small, right?

Have you any New Year Resolutions?  I don't usually bother, Hubber does though.. every January he has no alcohol or treats for the month (not that he drinks much but he does like to munch sweets, judging by the amount of sweet wrappers I binned from the car today!)... I am really just planning to be more organised with meal planning, shopping and to have less food waste at home.  To craft more and relax more.. not to much to ask, so here's hoping! (oh yeah, and to stop swearing!!)

We've been scooping up some good bargains in the sales, have you bought anything?

We got a new TV from John Lewis, it's a smart 3D one!  I'll let Hubber set it all up and he can just hand me the remote control and show me how to access the films on our NAS system and SKY and that's all I need to know, I don't watch that much TV but I feel I should watch more as I hear people talk about some good shows, but I often don't want to get drawn into something and commit that much time each week.  We also bought a new king size bed, which I cannot wait to get.  It should be delivered next week, we opted for a jumbo drawer in the base so that has to be made to order.  Don't you just love a new bed, new bedding and new PJs?

We're now on the hunt for a new sofa (wonder if there are any sales going on? haha!)... we did initially want a corner suite but on reflection it would take up a whole lot of room and I really want a patterned (something quite different) arm chair... so I think we're going to buy a plain 4-seater sofa then look for a nice arm chair in a total contrast colour / pattern.  Next on our list is to rip the carpets up, wooden floors are so much easier to clean and when you have a toddler they totally make sense!  If you have any suggestions on the best place for flooring please let me know?

Hope you've all had a good one and are easing back into work / routine!

AnneeApple x

Singing and playing piano on Christmas Day... joy!

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