Tuesday, 11 February 2014

daily diary doodles

My love for doodling has returned in the form of #dailydiarydoodles {search for the tag on Instagram and Twitter}. I do love doodles and can be lost for quite some time on Instagram pouring over some and wishing I had the time or notion to doodle again. Well, I found some time a few days ago and loved it! 

I created my first doodle on a postcard that I've included in a #happymail to one of my new penpals. I had the perfect sketch book to use for this new project... my monologue A6 hard back sketch book, it's so luxurious! The cover is bright orange and has a suede like texture. The paper is fantastic! I've used various pens / inks and nothing has leaked through!

The generous people at Grandluxe / Monologue sent me a wonderful package of books to review, I really do love them all... each one I use I decide there and then it's my new favourite {until I try the next one}. A full review of them all will be coming to the blog real soon.

Here's a snippet of my #dailydiarydoodles

Do you doodle? Show me!

A x

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