Monday, 25 February 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Is it Monday again?  Seriously, I feel like I've just typed this post (last week's!)... so, we stuck to our plan which was great... it does make such a difference when everything is planned in advance.  Another hectic week on the horizon so here's the meal plan:

Monday - chicken fajitas (for 4) fish fingers (for littlest)

Tuesday - mince (slow cooker), mash, cauliflower and yorkshire puds

Wednesday - pasta with tomato and chilli sauce (for 4), tuna pasta (for 1 who doesn't like tomato) and garlic bread

Thursday - chilli and wedges (or nachos) (for 3), BLT baguettes (for 1... other is one night shift)

Friday - sausage, mash and beans

Saturday - casserole (slow cooker) with roast potatoes

Sunday - mild curry (slow cooker), rice and chapatis (or nan)

I look forward to reading all your meal plans and don't forget to click the link above and hook up with Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday!

A x


Foodie Quine said...

I use my slow cooker a LOT but have never made mince in it! Do you brown it beforehand or just chuck it all in?

AnneeApple said...

Oh I love my slow cooker too but I really need to find new recipes... I usually do brown my mince or my stew if I'm making that but one day I was in a rush and I just threw it in and it tasted the exact same... so I think I might not brown it this week and see how it is x

Kim Carberry said...

Great menu!!

Blog of a Mom said...

Meal plan looks yummy! I never brown mince in the slow cooker and always is delish. Mince cooked in gravy in there for cottage pie filling is my fave, followed by slow cooker spag bol sauce :) L x

AnneeApple said...

It's good to know others don't brown the mince too.. peace of mind :)

I used to brown my mince for spag / chilli when I cooked in slow cooker but I won't be going forward! Yay, another time saver x

Stephanie M said...

Some proper yums in this post. Chicken Fajitas are one of my all time favourites. I always go way over board though with salsa and guac and salad etc etc. Stuffed wraps!

Julie bohomumma said...

ooh, these all sound lovely - nice and warming and hearty - seems to be needed this week. hope you have a great week

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great week! I've not tried a curry in the slow cooker yet, will have to give it a go!

Lauren - Big Eejit said...

Lovely comforting meals in here :)